Innovation, research and development grants


The UK government encourages businesses in technological innovation and research and development (R&D) projects.

If you plan to research and develop new products or services, you can get free information and advice and may also be eligible to apply for financial support – an R&D grant – or for R&D tax credits. There are also several other government initiatives to support you. The European Union also provides grants for some types of research.

Applying for an R&D grant usually involves completing application forms and demonstrating how you satisfy the funding conditions and requirements. An effective application is essential if you are to maximise your chances of obtaining a grant. Any guidelines given with the application should be closely followed.

This guide highlights some of the grants and other support available to businesses to help them undertake R&D and innovation.

Please note that grant applications can be complex and time consuming and there is a lot of competitions for schemes. Please bear in mind that, while you may fulfil the eligibility criteria, your application may not be successful.

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