Businesses urged to consider Olympic TV Licensing

How businesses and staff can watch and work during the Olympics this summer

London 2012

Approximately 2,100 hours of live Olympic coverage will be shown during working hours. According to TV Licensing, many workplaces are planning ahead, allowing staff to Stop, Watch and Cheer Team GB / Ireland.

With the Olympics just around the corner sports fans and their employers across the country have plans in place to watch this summer’s ‘must see’ events live at work.

Watching the Games

Deborah King, spokesperson for TV Licensing said: “If staff want to enjoy the Games, they could talk to their managers to identify key televised Olympic events when they are allowed to stop work, gather around a licensed TV or computer to watch history in the making, and cheer on great sporting achievements.”

A TV Licensing survey revealed 44 per cent of businesses agreed watching live events at work creates a better atmosphere, while YouGov research suggests the average worker will spend 18 minutes of each day watching Olympic coverage at work.

TV Licensing

TV Licensing has produced a new online Workplace Viewing guide, making it simple for businesses to plan, and ensure they are licensed if they need to be. Read the workplace viewing guide on the TV Licensing website.

A TV Licence is legally required on work premises if anyone – either staff or customers – watch TV programmes at the same time as they are shown on TV, whether on a computer, TV or any other type of equipment.

A licence costs £145.50 and you can purchase a licence online on the TV Licensing website.

If an employee is caught watching TV illegally, the business may be held liable and fined up to £1,000.

When is a licence not needed?

You do not need a licence for business premises if the TV equipment is never used to receive or record television programme services, but is only used for closed circuit monitoring or to watch pre-recorded videos.