The Future Is Smart

In recent years the mobile phone has become an essential part of our personal, social and business lives. We used to rely on personal computers, then on laptops and now increasingly on mobile phones.

And yet the way we communicate and do business has been transformed again by the latest iteration in the form of the smartphone, as it enables us to live more connected lives.

In many ways the increased sophistication of the phone has turned us into a mobile society, as we rely on phones to keep us in touch and informed of everything we want to know.

Even during the recession the usage of mobile phones has increased, as they are increasingly seen as an essential rather than a luxury item.

People will sacrifice many things as incomes are squeezed yet it appears we hold onto our phones as long as possible.

The development of the mobile in the form of the smartphone is now at the heart of our social, business and economic development.

It is increasingly seen as a way to create new businesses as the associated apps and technologies represent commercial opportunities.

The usage of smartphones helps ensure the spread of connectivity through broadband infrastructure, fibre and wireless technologies.

Services range from the basic such as making a simple phone call to the more complex and demanding; such as text, twitter, internet, location-based services, purchasing, photographs, lifestyle services and access to a whole new digital and entertainment world.

The smartphone is already an indispensible part of our lives and will continue to increase in usefulness and value, as it satisfies our endless need for information, communication and business development opportunities.

SO, the smartphone is here to stay and for those who embrace it, it will add value and richness to their lives.

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