ARC North West Soon To Open – Funding Opportunities for Omagh Businesses

ARC  north  west  is  the delivery mechanism for the Northern Ireland Rural Development  Programme  2007-2013  in the Council areas of Derry, Limavady, Omagh and Strabane.

ARC North West will soon be inviting applications from interested parties for projects within the Cluster area under:

  • Measure 3.1 Diversification into Non Agricultural Activities
  • Measure 3.2 Business Creation and Development
  • Measure 3.3 Encouragement of Tourism Activities

All  3  Measures  will  be OPEN to receive applications from Friday 1 June 2012 and will close at 12 noon on Friday 3 August 2012.

If  you are intending on submitting an application to ARC north west please note  that any applications received after the final deadline of 12 noon on Friday 3 August 2012 will NOT be accepted.

Interested  parties  are invited to submit applications for projects within the  Cluster area via or by visiting

Hard copy application forms can be made available upon request.  As well as submitting   an   application   form,   interested   parties  MUST  provide supplementary  information/documentation in support of their application by the  closing  date (i.e. Friday 3 August 2012).  For further information on ‘ARC  north  west’, ‘What’s Available’, ‘Who is Eligible to Apply’ and ‘How to Apply’ as well as details on the supplementary information/documentation which  MUST  be  provided  by  the closing date (i.e. Friday 3 August 2012) please  visit  the ARC north west website  Should you require  any  further  clarification  on the application process or wish to discuss your project idea please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Programme Team in your area (contact details available on website).

Please  remember  this  is a competitive programme and the submission of an application   for   financial   assistance  does  not  indicate  that  your application  is  eligible  for  consideration  or  that the project will be awarded financial assistance.

For further information on this Programme contact  Claudine McGuigan, Rural Development Programme Manager via email at  or via telephone on 028 8225 0202.