Enterprising Chefs

Many of us watch the TV programme Masterchef and follow the progress of the aspiring chefs as they face culinary challenges.

The early stages of the competition show the participants on an equal footing and each with a chance of winning.

The level of passion and enterprise displayed by the chefs is genuine, as they produce food to impress the judges.

Their sincerity is tangible even as initial gaps appear during the skills test with the stern but fair Monica.

From the start some chefs begin to shine as others wilt under the pressure of producing simple, quality and well-presented food.

The gaps between their aspirations and achievements become apparent with frighteningly quick speed.

They balance taste and flavour that delights or disappoints and start to realise the extent of their abilities.

The progress of the successful chefs to the next round immediately raises the level of the challenge and changes their demeanour.

They divide between those whose self-belief is reinforced by success and those whose self-belief remains shaky in spite of success.

We see how they handle pressure and how they perform, as the process stretches them to and beyond their capacity.

Their energy is focussed on the competition, as it is a chance to shine and achieve their full potential.

Like us all they face the challenge and manage their fears in different ways, as their temperament and character is tested.

They enter the final of the competition having reached their limits and a level of exhaustion that leaves no place to hide.

We see the winner take the prize while the others reflect on how much the competition meant to them.

SO, we watch the chefs, we admire their enterprise and wonder how we might perform in their place.

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