Cross-border sales programme to get micro-businesses export ready

Intertradeireland has launched a cross-border sales development programme aimed at small businesses.The 2012 phase of the project will help companies with turnover of less than £1m, or with less than 10 members of staff, develop sales opportunities through cross-border exports.

It’s designed to help so-called ‘micro businesses’ become export ready by providing financial funding to increase cross-border sales.

Access to industry experts will be available who will work with each company on a one-to-one basis to develop a sales plan for their sector.

Liam Nellis, CEO for InterTradeIreland, said: “Ninety-six percent of businesses on the island have less than 10 employees.

Small businesses have been hit hardest by the recession.

“It is vital for the economy that these firms recover and so we designed this specific programme to help them do so.”

County Down entrepreneur Wendy McCaughan is the founder of Kan Teq, which designs and produces equestrian body protection. Kan Teq was one of the first businesses to benefit from the Elevate programme and is now reaping the rewards of expansion.

Wendy said: “When running a small business you have limited resources, so to have the opportunity to avail of a consultant’s expertise is invaluable, especially when that consultant has specific knowledge of your new marketplace.”

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