Stepping up to take the 60 second challenge

WHEN I was asked by Nick O’Shiel of Omagh Enterprise Company if I’d be interested in taking the ‘60 second challenge’, which asks entrepreneurs six questions about their business in 60 seconds, I had mixed feelings about taking the challenge. Having watched from afar as various business owners took and met the challenge, it was both a pleasure and a pain to have been asked to take the challenge.

Firstly, I thought, I’m not going to participate in any promotional work until I achieve my goal of losing a lot of weight. Then, I viewed it as a valuable opportunity to promote my business. So after thinking carefully for about two weeks, I decided to ‘go for it’. As my interview drew closer, I started to panic about what to say, what to wear and more importantly how to meet the 60 seconds allocated! It was worse than going to a job interview, the only difference was that I knew what questions to expect!

On the day of the challenge, I was met by Maureen Teague (an excellent producer and director) and Nick O’Shiel, who both put me at ease with their informal and light hearted attitude. We ended up with three takes as I kept exceeding the time limit, however, it was the first take that we ended up using as it was the best of the three.


The interview was then uploaded to the Omagh Enterprise Company website and is also being streamed to ‘YouTube’ so it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting to see what happens.

Unfortunately, I exceeded the allotted 60 seconds, but I’m the kind of person who can’t shorten conversations so I suppose three minutes and two seconds was good by my standards!

I also plan to upload the interview to my website, so watch this space, or even better check out my website for further information,


The 60 second challenge is an excellent initiative and I have learned a lot about other businesses who participated in the challenge. It gives local businesses the opportunity to describe their business to the general public in a fun and professional manner.

I have to say though, looking at myself in the footage, it is clear there is room for improvement on the weight front. Thankfully, I commenced the weight loss challenge in January and progress is being made, slowly but surely!

Omagh Enterprise Company has to be congratulated for highlighting and promoting small local businesses and I’d certainly recommend any entrepreneurs to take the 60 second challenge. At the end of the day, it can’t hurt to ‘put yourself out there’ as nothing ventured, nothing gained. One last piece of advice though – try to stick to the 60 seconds!