Omagh business guru moves with the times and welcomes worldwide connections

The head of Omagh Enterprise Centre (OEC), Dr Nicholas O’ Shiel, is setting an example to prospective entrepreneurs through his clinical use of social media. Dr O’ Shiel is utilising the ever-growing mediums of Twitter, Facebook and internet blogging to catch the eye of those with entrepreneurial inclinations.

Speaking with the Tyrone Constitution the Dublin-born business expert described his use of new media as both inevitable and necessary in today’s age.

“Our core mission at the centre is to promote enterprise and this is simply a new way of doing that. We cannot preach to others about the necessity of using these mediums, if we do not use them ourselves. We are, in a sense, showing by doing.

The response to date has been fantastic and we are already connecting with hundreds of people from all around the world, who are learning of enterprise in Omagh,” he said.

Of particular note the weekly ’60 Second Challenge’ which is a short video of a successful client explaining the reasons behind their venture and what it has entailed to date.

Notable examples include photographer Sarah Fyffe and Niall Laird of Laird Design, both of whom have set up established local businesses.

A growing number of young people, who find themselves as victims of the recession, are turning to Omagh Enterprise Company with business initiatives.

“We are increasingly finding people who are turning to us out of necessity, people who have perhaps lost multiple jobs as a result of cutbacks and feel that setting up their own is not the risk it once was. Along with the general marketing advice we provide, we immediately suggest that if they are not active with social media that they should be.

“People arrive with anything from a solid business plan to not much more than a desire to set up a business, but we see the promotion of small businesses as a vital way out of recession,” he added.

Situated in the Gortrush Industrial Estate, Omagh Enterprise Company provides support and assistance to individuals wishing to set up their own business and conference rooms are also available for hire.

To watch how others turned a business idea into an established success visit, find them on Facebook at or follow on Twitter @OmaghEnterprise.