Can Enterprise Be Good For Your Health?

Believe it or not your attitude towards other people can have a significant effect on your health.

Scientists suggest that people with a positive attitude and happy and active social lives sleep better, get sick less often and generally live longer.

They highlight the fact that being lonely increases the risk of heart attacks, dementia, depression and even death.

Enter the entrepreneur who is often sociable and positive, as they meet other people to promote their ideas, products, services and businesses.

As a result of mixing with other people entrepreneurs can feel less isolated which has benefits for their health.

Even though entrepreneurs are often highly driven which can cause stress, their passion for what they do can act as a balance to any negative effects.

Entrepreneurs generally engage on a day-to-day basis in activities of their choosing which improves their mood and lifts their spirits.

They often have a positive view of the future and a strong sense of self-worth, both of which are beneficial to their health.

Entrepreneurs are generally clear about why they are here, what they want to achieve and what gives meaning to their lives.

Their sense of engagement with what they are doing gives them greater opportunities to live life as they choose.

Entrepreneurs usually have a greater sense of control about the future, which helps to reduce stress and other negative factors.

They tend to spend time doing what they enjoy which in turn improves their physical, mental and general health.

SO, if you’re an entrepreneur with the right attitude you may already be on your way to good health.

What do you think? Can enterprise be good for your health?

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