New Jobs: New Challenges

Many companies continue to create new jobs and find new markets despite the current economic climate.

In recent months, firms looking for IT people, accountants, management consultants, lawyers and social media staff have announced many hundreds of new jobs.

A key reason for the creation of jobs in these companies is their ability to develop new products and services and find overseas markets.

They provide the right products and skills at the right costs and are focussed on being creative, flexible and outward looking.

There is no doubt the job losses of recent years have been significant and it will take a long time to get back to previous levels of employment.

There are signs that some companies are increasing productivity, albeit they need further sales growth before recruiting new staff.

When businesses are ready to hire again the skills required will reflect the demands of the new economy.

But the new economy will look and feel very different to the old one. It will:

– benefit those with higher levels of education, as the jobs created will demand greater skills

– benefit cities like Belfast, as it will not be equally spread geographically or demographically

– produce additional jobs in the private sector while reducing the number of jobs in the public sector

– benefit export focussed companies, rather than those that sell to the domestic or local markets

– benefit women more than men given their focus on education and the fact that the sectors worst hit are traditionally male dominated

SO, the new economy will continue to create jobs but the type of jobs it creates will pose challenges for us all.

What do you think? Are you ready for the new economy?

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