Marketing Judo for SMEs – Get your Black Belt in Seven Moves

This February and March, the Made Not Born team is bringing you another excellent line up of speakers to help “bring to life” the key management and leadership skills which are needed to grow your business, enhance your team potential and ultimately help the Northern Ireland Economy to recover .  

The events are aimed at SMEs from all sectors and will focus on practical and simple tools for maximising your marketing capability and implementing shortcuts to boosting your company growth and export potential. 

Session Title:

Marketing Judo for SMEs – Get your Black Belt in seven moves


Tuesday 21st February 2012, Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh 8.30am – 11.30am

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Hear how Richard transformed Harry Ramsden’s into a global brand
  • Learn how to build competitive advantage and maximise your marketing budget
  • Develop a Marketing Judo Game Plan for your business by focussing on the seven moves and developing them to suit your needs

Richard Richardson began his career in marketing with Rowntree Mackintosh before spending the next 12 years with multi-national advertising agencies such as BBDO and Young & Rubicam where he met his now business partner John Barnes. Using the leverage of borrowed money, Richard and John moved their families to Yorkshire and bought a fish and chip shop called Harry Ramsden’s. Together they transformed it from a single restaurant into a world famous brand.

Marketing Judo

At Harry’s they fell into a way of thinking which they now call Marketing Judo. In judo you use the weight of your opponent to your advantage and skill matters more than sheer size! Marketing Judo takes these same principles and applies them to business.

Since selling Harry Ramsden’s, John and Richard have become involved in a wide range of businesses from listed PLCs to Private Equity Companies and Social Enterprises. Their most successful involvement, La Tasca Spanish restaurants, increased 5 times in value in 5 years via a stock market listing and recent sale.

Marketing Judo is not an academic concept. It’s a practical hands-on framework based on their own experiences that they have found helpful in developing business strategies – whether you’re a large blue-chip organisation looking to stretch your budget further or a small company on a limited budget.

7 Key Moves

No Marketing Budget? No Problem. From choosing your opponent to “getting the crowd on your side”, Richard’s Marketing Judo tactics will help you wrestle any marketing challenge to the ground using the 7 key moves:

  • Getting the basics right
  • Picking the right partner
  • Choosing the right opponent
  • Getting the crowd on your side
  • Using your size to your advantage
  • Doing the unexpected
  • Keeping your balance

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