Enterprising Occupations

The Occupy London and other similar protests around the world may or may not change the system but have served to focus attention on the capitalist model.

The basic failure is that today’s capitalism has not delivered what it promised which was to enable everyone to benefit from its opportunities, rather than just an elite few.

The Occupy groups may not yet offer clear alternatives but are enterprising in the way they highlight the growing differences between the 99% and the 1%, as evidenced from last week’s efforts by all the main political parties to revisit their definitions of capitalism.

The movement has touched on the concerns of many people and organisations around the world, as their actions continue to attract attention.

The protests are happening at a time when there are fewer jobs, higher unemployment, income inequality, disillusionment with governments and high levels of individual and national debt.

The Occupy groups may or may not stay the course and continue in the long-term but have already highlighted the need to question the current economic model:

– a model based on the need for constant growth without sufficient care for the damage caused by such growth

– a model blind to the opportunity cost of directing so much talented human capital to the pursuit of quarterly profit

– a model that increasingly ensures its benefits and sacrifices are disproportionately distributed across society

– a model unwilling to invest for the long-term to create a better and more sustainable future

The Occupy protests provide hope as they highlight an increasing sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo and articulate a desire for the development of a fair economic model.

The protests in their various locations around the world demonstrate a new and enterprising approach on how to focus global attention to effect change.

SO, the protests may be small and the challenge large but such odds never deterred entrepreneurs in the past and are not likely to do so now.

What do you think? Are the Occupy Protests Enterprising?

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