Warning over e-mail fraud

WEST Tyrone MLA Ross Hussey has warned people in the Omagh area to be alert to a sophisticated email being circulated by fraudsters.

The e-mail purporting to be sent by HMRC claims to offer would be victims a tax refund following overpayment the previous year. After informing recipients that HMRC have reviewed last year’s accounts, the e-mail states a sum of money can be reclaimed within three to six days if victims submit their bank account details through a deceptively genuine website.

The e-mail offers recipients a series of possible explanations for why a refund may be due, including employers mistakenly entering the wrong tax code, change in circumstances or a mistake on the form.

“You would assume that because the e-mail address shows HMRC that this is genuine and you would then proceed to fill in the attached form,” said Cllr Hussey, “Which of course contains your personal banking details as you would expect your payment to be made directly, but you will find that you have inadvertently given your details to a fraudster,” he warned.

“I would ask that everyone be aware that these emails are currently circulating and to be wary of any details that you pass by e-mail,” said the Assembly member. “If you are due a refund from HMRC you will receive notification formally in a statement form.

“Whilst we would all appreciate a few extra pounds at Christmas I am afraid that this is not a present for you but for the fraudster that is attempting to access your accounts.”

Source: ulsterherald.com