Are Entrepreneurs Happier People?

Entrepreneurs tend to be more optimistic and positive about their lives and the future than the general population.

It is generally understood nowadays that negative thinking and constant worry increases our level of stress and dissatisfaction with life.

Too much stress can wear our defences down and reduce the effectiveness of our immune system.

Stress can increase our level of anxiety and reduce our feelings of control and so we may feel less certain about our approach to life and its everyday challenges.

As a result, we can become physically and psychologically unwell, as stress and worry take their toll on our enjoyment of life.

Research suggests that people who are optimistic and positive are healthier, recover better from medical procedures and live longer.

As entrepreneurs tend to be more optimistic and positive about the future they tend to suffer less bad stress.

Their positive beliefs have positive effects, as they feel safer and more secure which, in turn, helps the body and mind to stay healthy.

Entrepreneurs are also helped in their physical and mental health by generally having a positive self-image, as they see obstacles and difficulties as challenges to be overcome rather than feared.

And while we may not all be born with a naturally optimistic streak, we can, regardless of our natural disposition, learn to think and act in more positive ways.

In fact, some people believe the more negative we are in our thinking the greater the change we can make and therefore the greater the benefits we can experience.

SO, you may not be a naturally optimistic person but the truth is you can be and once you are you will be happier too.

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