Entrepreneurs: Your Time Has Come!

Many entrepreneurs today will tell you we are living in a rapidly changing world.

Some people argue that this century will be defined by change at a greater pace than previously known as global power shifts from West to East; from the developed to the developing world.

Similarly, many people and communities are worrying about the future, as they realise that dealing with such change is demanding and difficult.

The world is changing at incredible speed and the speed of change is causing fragmentation for individuals, organisations and communities.

This century (your lifetime) will be dominated by global competition that for the first time will be played out on a relatively level playing field, as technology and globalisation continue to make the world a smaller place.

The idea of a job for life has almost become a thing of the past, as companies ‘restructure’, ‘reorganise’ and ‘downsize’.

The social contract between employer and employee is strained, as organisations are increasingly coping with the effects of increased competition.

The traditional security provided by large companies and public sector employment is reducing.

This level of change is challenging and increases the importance and contribution entrepreneurs and small businesses can make to society.

The good news is that our entrepreneurs and small business are providing answers to the challenges we face, as they start and grow their businesses and in doing so create more new jobs.

So, as we face an uncertain future and continue to rebuild our economy and society, we need more entrepreneurs and more start-up businesses.

What do you think: Are you an entrepreneur whose time has come?

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