AD Pottie & Co. Ltd – Tax Strategy workshop this Thursday

Tax Strategy Workshops

The tax strategy marketplace has been pretty barren since the disguised remuneration rules introduced on 9th December 2010. Providers have been working hard on coming up with new solutions and we’re delighted to announce that we have a full suite of new tax saving products available for you to look at.

More than ever before, we must articulate the risks of such structures and using our unique risk-rating approach, you are fully educated on the downsides and risks as well as the upsides and benefits. 

AD Pottie & Co. Ltd. are running a series of free events to allow plenty of time to look into the top strategies.

Specific Products that will be discussed include:

  • Tax-free corporate profit extraction with no benefit in kind and can be done with little/no cash input (profits in excess of £100,000)
  • Tax-free reserves extraction, with and without CT deduction (reserves in excess of £100,000)
  • K2structure for contractors (IR35 risk-removal) and for company directors (remuneration in excess of £50,000)

If you’ve never considered such structures before, now is the chance to come along and learn about them and also learn more about our approach. If you’ve been involved in implementing strategies before then you’ll be excited at this brand new product range, so we welcome all to these sessions. These tax reducing strategies are unique to AD Pottie providers; you are welcome to bring your own accountant along.


AD Pottie know that giving up your time is a significant investment and that’s why these workshops are  being offered to you free of charge – but you should only come along if you are serious about reducing the amount of tax you pay.

To book, please contact AD Pottie at:

  1. Email to
  2. Post to AD Pottie Chartered Accountants 1 Church Street Fintona, Co Tyrone BT78 2BR
  3. Call +44 (0) 28 8284 0162
  4. Fax +44 (0) 28 8284 0939

The tax seminar is being held at the Silver Birch Hotel, Omagh on Thursday 20th October at 1.00pm.