Omagh Enterprise invites all SME owners to ‘Improving Competitiveness’ Seminar

Professor McKeag from the University of Ulster will visit Omagh Enterprise Company on Thursday 8th September at 2pm to present a seminar entitled ‘Improving competitiveness’.

Renowned for his inspiration words Professor McKeag has become a favourite speaker with many SME owners throughout Northern Ireland. The Seminar will involve discussion and advice on improving competitiveness through cost cutting and product innovation (product meaning product process or system) and how to generate sustainable business models, this includes the environment (with which most people associate sustainability). It aims to highlight the importance of generating a sustainable revenue stream which in turns leads to a sustainable micro economy and a sustainable community.

The Seminar (which is free of charge) should last approximately 2 hours with refreshments being served.

If you would be interested in attending please contact Sharon Tracey-Collins on 028 82 249494 or via email at