New guide provides first time employers with key advice and guidance

Guide for new employers

When you are starting out as an employer there are lots of things to think about. For example, how do you go about hiring the right person? And once you’ve set them to work how do you get the best out of them?

Guidance for new employers

Many small businesses feel they don’t have enough time or resources to devote to employment issues but, as this new guide from the Labour Relations Agency shows, looking after your employees can make you more effective and help you avoid costly and time-consuming tribunal hearings.

Managing staff

The guide sets our in 8 key issues new employers need to focus on when recruiting and managing staff including:

  • knowing the law
  • sorting out employment contracts
  • paying the right rates
  • recruiting the right people
  • training and induction
  • discipline and grievance
  • managing attendance
  • communication

The guidance helps new employers understand employment law and how it related to the workplace. The guidance also informs new employers of how to be compliant and how to stay informed.

You canĀ access the guide for new employers from the Labour Relations Agency website.

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