Eligibility and Criteria for Do it For Real


You could be eligible to apply for a Test It or Do It Award if:

  • You are a young person (aged 16-30) living in Northern Ireland
  • You are passionate about creating social change
  • You have an idea for a solution to a social issue
  • You can deliver social benefit in the UK
  • Your idea/venture has the potential to become sustainable
  • This will be a learning opportunity for you

You are not eligible for a Test It or Do It Award if your idea/venture:

  • Is part of your paid employment
  • Involves political or religious campaigning
  • Involves employing people other than yourself to carry out most of the work
  • Is mainly for people to achieve academic qualifications (however we do permit short term training if it is critical to the success of the venture)
  • Involves activities outside of the law or against public policy
  • Involves activities that encourage ethnic, religious or commercial disharmony.


You could be eligible to apply for a Build It Award if:

  • A young person (aged 16-30) living in Northern Ireland
  • You have identified a social issue and developed a business model that works to solve it.
  • You have already achieved a compelling performance in your venture.
  • You are experienced, ambitious and capable of growing your venture.
  • You have a realistic growth plan and a track record of creating social impact.
  • You are committed to working full time on your social venture.

To be eligible for a Build It Award, your venture must also:

  • Your venture is ideally less than 5 years old.
  • Your venture is dynamic and has been running for at least one year.
  • Your venture is ready to grow to local, regional or national scale and has a logical and appropriate plan to deliver this.
  • You have a compelling performance to date and/or a logical and appropriate plan for rapid growth to reach local, regional or national scale.
  • Your venture targets beneficiaries predominately based in Northern Ireland.


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