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HMRC Social Media Scam Alert

A close up of a person's body, holding a mobile phone and operating it with one finger. A glowing yellow triangle, with a red border is above the phone. Text within the triangle "! SCAM ALERT" A blue banner along the bottom of the screen. White text - "HMRC Social Media Scam Alert" Omagh Enterprise logo within the banner.

Be wary of a new scam on social media involving some accounts impersonating HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

HMRC has identified a new scam on X, formerly Twitter, involving some accounts impersonating HMRC or their customer service advisers.

HMRC will never ask for personal or bank information via social media. Do not give out any personal or business tax or financial details to anyone on social media.

Official HMRC X accounts

The only official HMRC accounts on X are:

HMRC’s other official social media channels are listed on their main HMRC organisation page on the GOV.UK website.

Further guidance on potential tax scams

For further information, see HMRC’s guidance on identifying tax scam phone calls, emails and text messages

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