Funding For Communication Network Innovations

£500,000 for next-gen communication solutions

Innovate UK is inviting UK-registered micro and small businesses to apply for a share of £500,000 to develop affordable and innovative communication network solutions.

To be eligible, your innovations should:

  • lead to new products, processes or services superior to others currently available
  • propose innovative uses for existing products, processes or services
  • involve a new or innovative business models

Projects must focus on improving digital communications in areas such as:

  • enhancing network performance with technologies like AI or data analytics
  • implementing software-defined networks
  • adopting open standards in networks
  • exploring non-terrestrial networking technologies
  • developing neutral host and mesh networking technologies

Projects should cost between £25,000 and £50,000.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 12 June 2024, at 11am.

Alongside financial support, businesses will receive tailored business assistance from Innovate UK Business Growth.

Find details of the new Innovators in Communication Networks competition.

This funding is part of a larger £70 million investment by UK Research and Innovation Technology Missions Fund, aiming to accelerate market-ready solutions and foster collaboration in the UK’s telecoms sector.