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Future Farm Support and Development

Future Farm Support and Development

Designed by Northern Ireland for Northern Ireland

Having left the EU we now have a unique opportunity for the first time in 50 years to target farm support to meet the needs of Northern Ireland more effectively.

In the last number of years, the challenges that Northern Ireland farmers have faced have reflected influences of a global scale. This challenging backdrop continues to test our industry which means, now more than ever, we need to take stock of how we produce our food sustainably and be prepared to seize the opportunities that change inevitably brings.

A new programme of Farm Support and Development, designed in consultation with the Northern Ireland agricultural industry and other key stakeholders is being developed and will be introduced on a phased basis over the coming years. The schemes and measures to be introduced will provide levers to contribute to statutory obligations under the Climate Change Act (NI) 2022, with a firm focus on just transition. The timeline for the new programme is displayed below and information on the new Schemes and Measures can be found at the ‘Schemes and Measures’ link below.

Please Click Here download the Future Farm Support and Development document which contains this diagram as a spreadsheet

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