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Employer Guidance on Christmas Parties

Employer Guidance on Christmas Parties

Guidance to help employers promote inclusive and respectful work parties and events during the festive period.

The Equality Commission has issued advice and guidance for employers to help ensure Christmas work parties and events are safe, inclusive and respectful. Work-related outings and parties are legally an extension of the workplace and employers can be held liable for the actions of staff on a work night out.

Assess the risk of Christmas events

The Equality Commission advises employers to think carefully about their Christmas events and think about it in terms of a risk assessment.

Inclusive events

An employer should make sure events are inclusive, with everyone invited, including for example non-Christians and those on maternity and paternity leave.

Clear guidelines on standards of behaviour

Employers should make sure that it is clear to all employees what is acceptable behaviour on a work night out. This could include advice on drinking responsibly, use of social media and inappropriate behaviour towards colleagues.

Further employer guidance

For further guidance see:

Employers can get practical advice on the equality implications of employing and managing staff by contacting the Equality Commission by emailing or Tel 028 90 500 600.

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