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Latest HMRC Tax Webinars

Upcoming webinars from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to help employers, businesses and the self-employed understand tax issues that affect them.

Listed below are a number of live HMRC webinars that will give the self-employed an understanding of key taxes that affect them and also help employers with payroll. The webinars are free and last around an hour.

Webinars for the self-employed

Capital Allowances for the self-employed
Tue 7 Nov at 9:45am

Record keeping for the self-employed
Tue 7 Nov at 11:45am

Construction Industry Scheme for contractors
Thu 9 Nov at 9:45am

Residential property income for individuals – an introduction
Thu 9 Nov at 1:45pm

Construction Industry Scheme for subcontractors
Mon 13 Nov at 11:45am

How to apply the VAT reverse charge for construction services
Tue 14 Nov at 1:45pm

Residential property income for individuals – expenses, and deductions
Thu 16 Nov at 1:45pm

Company directors – payroll and you
Tue 21 Nov at 1:45pm
Fri 24 Nov at 11:45am

Capital expenditure and revenue repairs (IFP1)
Tue 28 Nov at 1:45pm

VAT – the basics and the VAT return
Tue 28 Nov at 3:45pm
Tue 12 Dec at 9:45am

Finance costs and travel expenses (IFP2)
Wed 29 Nov at 9:45am

Cash basis and property income allowance (IFP3)
Thu 30 Nov at 11:45am

VAT accounting schemes
Fri 1 Dec at 1:45pm
Mon 18 Dec at 9:45am

Car expenses for the self-employed
Wed 13 Dec at 9:45am

Capital allowances and vehicles
Wed 13 Dec at 11:45am

Business expenses for the self-employed
Thu 14 Dec at 11:45am

VAT: using the Flat Rate Scheme
Tue 19 Dec at 3:45pm

Employer webinars

Expenses and benefits for your employees – phones, internet, and homeworking
Tue 7 Nov at 1:45pm
Wed 8 Nov at 1:45pm

Statutory Sick Pay
Thu 9 Nov at 11:45am

Statutory Maternity and Paternity Pay
Tue 14 Nov at 11:45am

Getting payroll information right
Mon 27 Nov at 9:45am

Expenses and benefits for your employees – travel
Tue 5 Dec at 11:45am

Expenses and benefits for your employees – if your employees have more than one workplace
Wed 6 Dec at 1:45pm

Expenses and benefits for your employees – company cars, vans, and fuel
Thu 7 Dec at 9:45am

Employer filing obligations
Wed 13 Dec at 1:45pm

Taxing employees’ benefits and expenses through your payroll
Thu 14 Dec at 9:45am

Other webinars

Trade Losses
Wed 23 Nov at 1:45pm


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