Consultation | 10X Economy Approach to Technologies and Clusters

The Department for the Economy has launched a public consultation on the approach to 10X technologies and clusters.

The 10X Economic Vision, published in May 2021, highlighted the need to focus on technologies and unique selling points (USPs) within priority/high potential sectors, in which Northern Ireland has established strengths and the potential to be globally competitive if not already.

These technologies and USPs (including their application within and adoption across priority sectors), the potential for scale impacts across the wider local economy, and the development of clusters, are all key components of the virtuous cycle of activity that DfE aims to build here. This focused approach will be instrumental to drive forward progress towards achieving DfE’s 10X Economic Vision for a decade of innovation and a more innovative, inclusive, and sustainable Northern Ireland economy.

Three key areas for technologies and clusters

The consultation sets out the approach for three key areas:

  • Identification and prioritisation of technologies and USPs where Northern Ireland can be globally competitive, the growth of which can drive benefits at scale across the economy;
  • An indication of the policy actions DfE and their partners may use to drive the growth, uptake, and scaling of these technologies and USPs; and
  • How identified technologies and USPs could be integrated into a future Sub-Regional Economic Plan

Responses to the consultation will help to develop and refine DfE’s approach to 10X Technologies and Clusters.

How to respond to this consultation

You can respond to this consultation using the online questionnaire or by email.

The deadline for responses to this consultation is 5pm on Friday 24 November 2023.

Further details and how to respond to this consultation on the approach to 10X Technologies and Clusters