You Can Now Pay For Your Business To Be Verified on Facebook and Instagram

The Meta blue checkmark is coming to businesses on Facebook and Instagram

Meta has confirmed that businesses will soon be able to get “blue tick” verification certification on their profiles soon.

The social media company rolled out the blue tick to creators across its most popular platforms earlier in 2023, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has now announced Facebook and Instagram business account holders will be eligible, and that the feature would soon be rolling out to WhatsApp, too.

With the launch of Meta Verified for businesses, it is hoped that companies using the platforms can achieve better authenticity, in turn helping them to attract new customers.

Meta Verified for businesses

The company has confirmed a monthly subscription of $21.99 to get verified on Instagram or Facebook, or businesses can opt to pay $34.99 to cover both platforms. Pricing for WhatsApp is currently unclear because this is set to be a later addition to the package.

A blue tick will adorn a subscribed profile – a small glyph that has become synonymous with verification across most social media platforms. Subscribers will also get improved protection against brand impersonation on the Meta-owned platforms and better support channels.

From launch, Meta Verified for businesses will only be available in select regions. TechRadar Pro asked Meta to confirm which regions, but the company did not immediately respond.

Elsewhere, X offers a Verified Organizations plan for $1,000 per month, with further affiliated accounts costing an additional $50 per month, making it a solution only really viable to large organizations and enterprises.

For WhatsApp business users, Meta is reportedly (via Tech Crunch) testing a handful of other features, including a custom WhatsApp-based web page and support for up to 10 users meaning that colleagues can access the account, for example in the event of an employee holiday or simply for better conversation assignment.

While there are clear benefits to having a business verified on social media, many SMBs may feel that yet another monthly charge could put them at a disadvantage, further to advertising that they already do on the platforms.