Exploring the Potential of AI in Business

Many customers in various sectors, including government and commercial industries, are actively exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and even implementing AI-related projects within their departments. Industries such as retail, finance, banking, automobile manufacturing, airlines, real estate, and technology have shown significant interest in AI.

The Harvard Business Review recently published an insightful article that focused on developing an AI strategy for businesses. This article closely aligns with the way many of our customers are approaching AI. The initial phase of AI implementation often involves utilizing AI to improve existing processes. Additionally, prioritizing security and responsible use of AI is crucial, an aspect that we fully support.

Due to the transformative nature of AI, our customers have been cautious while engaging in the experimentation phase. Many have experimented with tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Microsoft 365’s Copilot (currently in beta). In addition to tool exploration, some customers are actively working on establishing internal policies and processes to govern the use of AI. At Forcepoint, we have created a cross-functional AI Council to address this specific issue.

Although companies will eventually shift their focus towards using AI to create new innovations, currently, there is a considerable amount of time and effort being dedicated to understanding and implementing AI effectively. As a result, we will continue to provide informative content relating to the application of AI in the business world.

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