HMRC to Trial Seasonal Self Assessment Helpline

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will trial redirecting Self Assessment helpline queries to their digital services over the summer months.

A trial to redirect Self Assessment queries from the helpline to HMRC’s digital services will run between 12 June and 4 September 2023.

The HMRC Self Assessment helpline receives fewer calls over the summer period and the vast majority of Self Assessment customers use HMRC’s online services, with 97% filing online.

Digital support

For three months from Monday 12 June 2023, HMRC will trial directing Self Assessment queries from the helpline to the department’s digital services, including its online guidance, digital assistant, and webchat. The aim is to free up HMRC advisers to take urgent calls on other lines and answer customer correspondence.

Access online Self Assessment help

Find HMRC online help for Self Assessment.

Reopening of the Self Assessment helpline

HMRC’s Self Assessment helpline will re-open on Monday 4 September 2023 so their customers can receive expert support in the five months running up to the Self Assessment deadline on Wednesday 31 January 2024.