Calling All Schools:Time To Teach Code Part II

The new economy is growing and creating jobs for people with digital skills. The old economy is shrinking and shedding jobs for people with traditional skills. The educational system is structured to serve the old economy and must change to prepare people for the new economy.

The digital economy is creating jobs across all business sectors as technology, finance, banking and entertainment emerge as just some areas generating well paid jobs that can’t be filled.

There is no doubt that technology and computers are changing the world and it is increasingly apparent that the ability to understand computer coding is one of the best ways to keep up with and get ahead of the changes.

In the new economy, an understanding of computer coding is becoming essential, not least to gain access to the jobs that are being created.

Technology, driven by computer coding, is playing a greater part in our personal and business lives and, yet, relatively few of us know how to read or write code.

Computers, smartphones, the way we communicate and how we share information are all driven by the language of code and yet few of us are exposed to it as part of our education.

Learning how to write code has many benefits as it develops a discipline and way of thinking that exercises the brain in a manner beneficial to all areas of life.

The obvious place to start learning code is in our schools. In the same way as young children are taught to read and write traditional languages they should be taught to read and write the language of code.

Teaching children about code will give them a greater understanding of the digital world and provide them with a better chance of benefiting from its opportunities.

As a result, teaching code should form part of the school curriculum and be taught as a fourth literacy for the 21st century.

The most extraordinary thing about the digital revolution is that it is only beginning and the jobs, businesses and wealth it creates will be immense for those who participate.

SO, jobs are being created in the digital economy and teaching children to code should be part of the school curriculum in order to prepare them for future careers.

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