It’s a Vintage affair

I recently had the pleasure of attending a vintage fashion shoot for the launch of local woman Ann Louise’s ‘Rustic Runway’. It was shot at the An Creagan centre and what a location it is.

The crisp, natural surroundings were lined with heavy fog, which made it perfect for the photographs. Teamed with the ever-stylish Sharon McCullagh on hair and Emma Kate Murphy glamming on the makeup it was a fab combination of professionals to be involved with. And although it was rather cold for the models – and me standing gawking at them – we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I really got into vintage clothing and attire last year, however it is not really well celebrated around this neck of the woods.  Some people have a misconception that it’s just “second hand clothes”. My answer to that is at least no one else will have it.

I love it when people ask me where I got my brown leather vintage bag. So when I heard Ann Louise was setting up her own vintage business based in Omagh I was ecstatic.

I got to browse through the stock as I was packing it into my car for the shoot. Well, the pieces are to die for. Whether its something casual or a statement piece you are after, you will definitely find it at Rustic Runway.


I asked Ann Louise why she decided to start her own vintage business. After working in retail management for four years, Ann Louise decided to take a career break and go travelling. It was a big decision at the time as a lot of people were out of work and she was giving up all the security that comes with having a job.

However it was something which she had always wanted to do so she headed off on a year’s travelling around the world.

“I realised when I was off on my adventure that I wanted to work for myself and I wanted to be my own boss. I realised that life is too short and that sometimes you need to branch out on your own.

“So when I returned home last May I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do but my first step was to approach Omagh Enterprise Centre for some advice. They were fantastic and they quickly put me on their Exploring Enterprise 2 Programme.

“This gave me a better understanding of how to set up my own business and helped me explore my ideas.

“After I finished the programme, Omagh Enterprise referred me to the Prince’s Trust. This is were my idea changed and evolved, I started to realise that I have always had a passion for all things vintage and that teamed with my retail experience could lead to something very exciting. This is were Rustic Runway was born.


“I have always loved shopping vintage and the excitement of finding a unique piece is great. I would say 60 per cent of my own wardrobe consists of vintage clothing. So its a dream come true that I have been able to start my own business doing what I love.

“At Rustic Runway I hand-pick all my clothing and I only sell high graded clothing. I stock all ranges of sizes so I have something for everyone.”
With the launch of the website next week this is a very important time for Ann Louise.

“I am only days away from the launch of the website and it has been much anticipated. This is where people from all over the world can browse and shop the range.

“So from the comfort of your own home you can take a journey through vintage fashion. The website will be accessible to everyone and there you can buy affordable vintage clothing, which has been hand sourced and hand-picked.”

For an item to be classed as vintage it has to be 20 years or older. Vintage clothing has made a huge revival in recent years.

Buying vintage can also be looked at as an investment, which can grow in value. Its a great way to stand out from the crowd and if you shop with Rustic Runway you will never have to worry about bumping into someone wearing the same outfit as you.