Set up a pop-up shop


Pop-up shops are an exciting global trend in retail and food business. From small traders to large multinationals, pop-up shops in major cities around the world are proving popular with customers. Behind the current hype, short term retail is a proven method of product promotion, brand awareness, and market testing for a potential new business.

The pop-up shop model provides entrepreneurs and businesses in Northern Ireland with great opportunities to fight through the current economic downturn. City and town centre retail occupancy rates are currently low compared to the rest of the UK, opening up fantastic locations with high footfall for a pop-up business to thrive. They increase flexibility and allow you to respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Pop-up shops can be great drivers of sales and awareness in product retail, from clothing to seasonal goods, or short-term food sales from a snack food operation up to a fully fledged restaurant. They are a great outlet for innovation and creativity, and can be a good first step for an entrepreneur looking to establish to a more permanent business.

This guide will help you to understand the process involved in planning and setting up your pop-up business in Northern Ireland. It will also point to further information on the main aspects of setting up, how to avoid pitfalls, and turn your pop-up business into a success.

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