Keeping Up With Technology

Understanding and harnessing current trends in technology can be the difference between business success and failure. The changes taking place in technology and their effect on all areas of business have never been more important.

There is a need amongst business owners and managers to understand and embrace the technologies increasingly used by their customers.

It is difficult to think of any area of business that is not being affected and to benefit from the changes businesses will have to be more open-minded and responsive to the way their customers are using technology.

The starting point lies in the realisation that technology is no longer just for experts or the IT people or ‘tech’ department within the business.

Everyone in an organisation must embrace technology and the business owner and manager need to take ownership of the change process to find new customers.

Key areas for attention include the growth of smartphones, the need for a user-friendly interactive online presence, the use of social networks and the development of flexible working arrangements to get the most from mobile technologies.

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used by customers to research online, compare prices and, most importantly, make a purchase.

Mastering the move to mobile can help a business increase profits through better customer engagement and reduced costs.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter attract a new and often younger customer who wants a different type of purchasing experience.

Young people, in particular, will engage with and purchase form a company that responds quickly and openly to their queries and feedback.

Technology is having an increasing effect on how we work, as people can now work remotely, hot-desk from different locations or work from home.

The shift from working in a fixed office with rigid hours requires a change of mindset and a greater level of trust between employer and employee.

SO, keeping up with technology is no longer just for the experts as we all need to realise its value and embrace its benefits.

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