Mobile Entrepreneurs Needed

Mobile marketing through the use of smart phones is an increasingly important way for companies to gain new business.

It engages customers wherever they are, whenever they want and in a way that suits them.

The trick is to get it right and find new customers while avoiding the mistakes that switch them off.

Mobile marketing is a growing trend and one that many companies are benefitting from as they find new markets.

Increasingly, we use our mobiles to check deals, compare prices and make purchases, as the move from PC to laptop to smart phone continues.

We usually have our mobiles switched on and with us and we can feel a slight sense of panic if we are without our phone.

We are so attached to our phones that you sometimes hear people say they feel naked without them.

We seem compelled to answer our mobiles, regardless of where we are or what we are doing.

Mobile marketing is here to stay, as the facts and figures increasingly confirm a healthy return on investment.

A key question for businesses used to be: ‘why’ bother with a mobile strategy. Now the question is: ‘how’ to access so many potential businesses.

The starting point lies in the development of a mobile-friendly website that connects with the customer.

The characteristics of such a website include: minimal links; few graphics; and clear, direct, simple information that customers want.

SO, if you’re an entrepreneur looking for new customers and new markets, go mobile.

What do you think? Are you a mobile entrepreneur?

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