5 Office Design Ideas

Offices aren’t just rooms in which you do your work. They are also used to send a message about your company both to its clients and customers and the employees working there. Office design should communicate what kind of company you want to be and what the values behind it are.

It’s also important to remember that the office needs to be comfortable and organized around the workflow that you’re used to. If there are any major changes to the design that might affect how you work, the employees should be consulted about them.

Open plan

Open plan offices have been around for years, but they have gained popularity with tech companies recently because of the message they send. In an open plan office, there are no walls and therefore no doors and individual working spaces. This creates a sense of unity and equality within the company.

However, since this kind of setup can be uncomfortable for some people, it’s important to allow the employees to customize their working spaces as much as it’s possible without creating barriers among coworkers.

5 Office Design Ideas

Retro office

Themed offices are used by a lot of businesses because they create an atmosphere and tell a story about the company. The most popular of these is the retro look. There are a few reasons this works. First of all, it’s beautiful to look at and work in. Secondly, a retro office presents an interesting contrast to a modern workstation that heavily rallies on technology.

It’s getting difficult to define what retro is at this time because many think that even the office that mimics the aesthetic of ‘90s can be considered to be retro. This is something that should be chosen based on your aesthetic and the aesthetic of your employees.

5 Office Design Ideas

A game room

Working hard can take its toll on the workers and the company needs to put a system in place that will help employees deal with burnout syndrome. This is something that can be accomplished by setting up a game room in which the employees can unwind.

5 Office Design Ideas

This doesn’t have to be an expensive setup. You can add TV wall mounts and a few game consoles and organize an office tournament when everyone needs a distraction or a break from work. Some retro arcade games can also do the trick.

5 Office Design Ideas

Embrace nature

Offices aren’t the healthiest places to spend a lot of time in and everyone spends a big chunk of their day in an office. This is true even if the employees take a lot of breaks and dedicate themselves to taking care of their bodies during work. An office design that uses the natural surroundings can be rather helpful with this problem.

If a company is able to have a garden surrounding the office, it should use it to give the employees some space they can enjoy and relax in. It’s also a good idea to use the garden to grow healthy food for the employees. This is both helpful in terms of saving and a healthier way to work and eat.

5 Office Design Ideas


The cubicle doesn’t seem like a very modern office design option. In fact, it’s usually considered to be one of the most boring ways to set up a working space. However, there are companies that are re-imagining the cubicle by combining its best features of efficiency and privacy with a modern outlook.

One of the ways of doing this is to make the cubicle face a large communal space instead of having it completely shut off from the rest of the office. This provides more privacy, but doesn’t make the employees feel isolated as they do in the traditional cubicle office.

5 Office Design Ideas

Office design should be chosen carefully. It helps create a better work flow and makes the employees more comfortable. The employees should be consulted when making these calls since they are most affected by them.

Source: business-achievers.com