Best Business Practices to Market Your Event and Get More Tickets Sold

An event is only an event if it is packed with people, and here we are talking about a social event. What if you are having a full out event with tickets and a designated venue, and you can’t wait until the appointed date to see the results of your efforts and hard work come to fruition? At this point, you need to ensure by all means at your disposal to make sure that you have a full house. As such, here are some basic and essential tips to help you in your endeavor:


You need an event name that leaves a stamp on the reader’s mind. As such, branding or a creative name that will catch peoples’ eye is a sure-fire investment and the most important you need to make sure of. The event branding will come with an expertly designed logo, event name, place, and brand – all in one. What’s better than that?


Well planned promotions that are spread all over different types of social media access points is like standing in the street and calling out for your wares. Everyone is sure to see the Ad and send it to others in no time at all.


Discounts are the equivalent of a free meal; their success is incomparable and immediate. You offer a discount and you find your tickets sold at the speed of light. There are different types of discounts namely: early buyers get an extra special discount, members or subscribers to your website get special treatment, after all, they are old customers as well as steady ones, group discounts are a magic all on their own since the buyer finds that buying for a group is going to save him a huge amount. You can click here to see an example of a ticket selling website without service fees.

Online Selling

Selling your tickets online is easy for you and your customer, with the click of a finger he gets a ticket and a seat to his liking – possibly a way to lure your buyers.


Start thinking early and make a splash by selling your tickets to members and VIPs long before the event is the talk of social media. At this point, you know that not only have you sold quite a number of tickets but those buyers are already spreading the word by mouth before you have officially announced the event and opened the ticket sales.

Event Cross Promotion

Perhaps event cross promotion is an old method but it is a good one, partnering with other similar groups and announcing each other’s events at the site is known as one of the most successful since you get to explain freely of the upcoming event to the attendees face-to-face. They will not only remember, but they will want to come and will try really hard to do that especially if the tickets are available at such a point.

Of course, there many more ideas that could be used but these are the most successful and don’t forget that there are also raffle tickets, last minute deals, the oldest of them all the traditional media promotions. So, good luck to you except luck has nothing to do with it, but hard work.