Using Live Interactive Broadcasting to Grow Your Business

Video continues to play a vital role in every business’s online marketing, with immense potential to boost your reach and consumer engagement. Watching videos accounts for one third of the time people spend on the internet, and this is only expected to keep growing in coming years.

Live broadcasting takes video further, enabling viewers to interact with businesses in real time. How can companies like yours use this to improve your online performance?

Hosting Live Broadcasts from Big Events

Visiting a high-profile trade fair, conference, expo, or launch event? This is an ideal opportunity to get a peek at upcoming trends, meet influential figures, and generate leads.

Not everyone will be able to attend, but your business can share an exclusive insight into events of all sizes by broadcasting to these people live. This is more engaging, more instant, and more exciting than any blog post or press release you may normally distribute following an event.

Your viewers will effectively be at the venue alongside you, seeing new products, thought-leaders, and other features they’re unable to in person. They can request you drop by a certain booth, ask special guests specific questions, or simply direct you around the location.

Rather than just watching a recorded video, they’re getting involved directly. You can also cover your own business’s role at the event, advertising your upcoming releases or concepts in a subtle way; hammering the point home will only chase viewers away.

Sharing How Your Products are Developed

Certain products fascinate consumers. The latest smartphones, tablets, or labor-saving tool can capture your customer’s’ imagination, and videos detailing their creation can pique  their interest further.

However, give them a live interactive broadcast rather than a dry scripted video: take them down to the factory floor or lab to watch your products come together in real time.

You will build a greater bond of trust with such a transparent approach, as consumers may be skeptical of heavily-edited videos, and your customers can ask questions of your host or your employees to learn more. This helps you to deliver the information they really want and minimize wasted time.

Live interactive broadcasting is at its most effective when your videos are crisp and clear, accessible to viewers across the globe. Popular video platforms like Skype may be well-known and trusted, but common technical problems may cause irritation in the long run. Go for a service with stronger connections instead.

Take Customers on Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Following on from the above, taking your customers on a behind-the-scenes tour allows you to lift the curtain on certain aspects of your business. It’s understandable that you want to keep specific areas secret, and viewers will understand that, but this is ideal to add more personality to your brand.

You can open these real-time live interactive tours by asking viewers which departments or locations they want to visit first, and elaborate on the importance of each as you approach. For example, if you take them to meet your design team, introduce them and ask if they can explain a little of their current work.

Tours behind the scenes might cover such diverse topics as your advertising, your web design, your product packaging, and your admin. Make it fun and dynamic by inviting viewers to share their thoughts, ask questions, and offer suggestions.

Broadcast Live Training Videos

Most of us know how frustrating it can be to buy a product and struggle through the set-up process. Instruction manuals may be filled with jargon or make things seem more complicated than they need to, only adding to the irritation.

Recorded how-to videos are often uploaded to manufacturers’ websites or on YouTube, but what if these are too quick or vague? Customers are forced to seek help from unofficial sources or contact your customer service department, possibly at their expense.

By broadcasting live training videos in real time, your in-house experts can educate customers on a product’s entire range of features and functions. They will be able to take questions from viewers and share insightful demonstrations, clearing up common points of confusion.

Training videos can be recorded and separated into different parts based on their subject, and added to your website for future reference.

Share Real-Time Interviews with Leading Figures

Interviewing a thought-leader or notable figure in your industry can educate and entertain your customers, and live interactive broadcasting transforms scripted conversations into more fluid, engaging videos instead. Invite viewers to submit their own questions and encourage them to ask what they really want to.

This technique allows you to bring your viewers into the interview with you, giving them the power to influence the line of questioning. You might prefer to ask customers to send questions in ahead of the interview, as well as throughout, to avoid awkward periods as you wait for them to start flowing.  

Depending on the figure you choose to interview, your live interactive broadcasts may incorporate product demonstrations or visual aids, adding more dynamism and exploring topics as per viewers’ requests.

Live interactive broadcasting has real potential to make your business more engaging, inviting customers to get involved with your brand and showcase the creative characters behind your company. With just a smartphone and an app, you can broadcast to the world in real time, boosting your visibility and demonstrating your commitment to interacting with customers.

Have you thought about how this could help your business get ahead?