How To Successfully Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising Without Spending A Fortune In The Process

Want to get more from your web marketing – then paid adverts could be the way forward. Yes, it’s a pay to play model, however done well it can pay dividends – leverage these tips below to succeed.

  1. Look Beyond Adwords.

Google Adwords is the industry leader when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. There are, however, plenty of other players in the game. Don’t get so focused on Adwords that you fail to check out other PPC providers such as Bing and Yahoo. Although they may not get quite as much search traffic as Google, the amount of money that you have to pay for each click is usually significantly lower.

You may also find that the quality of the traffic that you receive through these other ad networks is superior to what you get through Adwords. When you consider that these ad networks could deliver high-quality traffic at a price that is far lower than Adwords, it is easy to see why they are worth checking out. If nothing else, it is worth experimenting with them to see if you can get better results. It is a good idea to spread your advertising resources over more than one provider. Don’t neglect smaller ad networks simply because they have a lower search volume. Additionally, social media advertising can be very useful, especially if you’ve a good product and a quality verified social media account.

  1. Make relevancy a priority.

Every ad that you place should be highly relevant in terms of the ad copy, the keywords that you choose, and the content of the landing page. Failing to make your ads relevant is a sure way to fail. You may need to test several different versions of your ad and your landing page copy before you find a combination that works.

One of the primary reasons to make sure that your ads are relevant is because it can improve your relevancy score. This, in turn, can allow you to pay a lower price for each click that you receive. Additionally, when people click on an ad and are shown relevant content, they are far more likely to make a purchase or take whatever action you desire. Keeping all of the components of your advertising campaign as relevant as possible is the best way to increase your conversions.

That means that you can’t just throw up one ad and hope for the best. Instead, you need to create many different ads, each targeting a specific landing page on your site. Because this can be time and labor intensive, you may want to consider outsourcing this process to a company that deals specifically with PPC advertising.

  1. Make conversions your top priority when building landing pages.

It doesn’t matter which keywords you choose or how well written your ads are if your landing pages don’t deliver results. The pages that you send your traffic to need to be highly relevant and they need to be designed to convert visitors into customers. Don’t make people work to find the information that they are looking for. Instead, send them to a page that has the exact content that they need.

In many cases, that means that you will need to create a unique page for every offer that you are advertising. Make sure that these pages incorporate responsive design so that they can be viewed on both mobile devices and desktop computers. That way, people can access your content no matter what type of device they have.

  1. Retarget visitors to increase conversions.

No matter how good your ad copy is or how relevant your landing pages, there are some people who simply will not convert. They may still be in the process of considering their purchase decision or they may be waiting to make a purchase until they have money. These people are obviously interested in the products that you are selling. Instead of allowing them to slip away, consider retargeting them with advertising.

If they continually see your ad on pages that they visit, it will keep your products or services fresh in their mind. You may even want to create a brand-new landing page that detects that they have already visited your site. This landing page can provide discounts or other incentives that make your offer more attractive than the offer they found on the original page. This can lead to a significant increase in the number of conversions that you are able to get.

  1. Use split testing to figure out what works.

Successful pay-per-click advertising is all about fine-tuning your advertising campaigns to get the best possible results. This is most easily accomplished through split testing. Every aspect of your campaign from your advertising copy to your landing pages should be subjected to split testing. Even a relatively minor change may make a huge difference in your results.

Even if you are happy with the number of conversions that you have been getting, you should continue the testing process. You may be able to get even better results by making a few minor tweaks to your campaign. Every extra conversion that you can get will give you a better return on investment, helping you to make the most of your advertising dollars. You may even want to consider hiring a PPC company to manage your campaign for you so that you can get the best possible results.