Business Profile: Juniors Day Care Ltd

Name: Jill Dillon
Business Name: Juniors Day Care Ltd
L: 68 Derry Road, Omagh
T: (028) 8225 7021

Business Profile: Juniors Day Care Ltd

Can you describe your business?

Juniors Day Care provides an all inclusive day care experience for children and their families. With a children’s committee run hangout’ and a child-led facility, the activities are all devised to reflect the children’s experience, interests and cultures. This allows the learning to unfold, expand, and develop each and every child in their own unique character.

Why did you start your own business?

After working in facilities and schools, looking after children’s learning, health and well being, I felt there was a major issue with how we approached children’s balance in education, health and development. It was either too structured or adult-led, or not enough structure or adult supported. Adult led planning and tick boxes, reward charts and naughty steps just seemed institutional to me. So I watched and listened to children in schools and playgroups on what they were so eagerly trying to tell us through their play. My observations showed me that children need the opportunity to be heard; through play, through communication and through learning. They just needed somewhere to do that… So I set about creating such a place.

What are the best things about running your own business? 

One of the best things is knowing that you are making a difference to someone’s life. No matter how hard some days are at the time you will get through it. I love my job, and although it involves tough decisions and situations that I could never have imagined, the reward of knowing that at the end of it you have made a positive impact on someone, makes it all worthwhile.

What are the main challenges facing the business? 

Breaking from the norm can be a difficult challenge for some. There are some industries that may never understand why you are different from others, but being different is what makes you stand out and others curious to find out why. Maintain the understanding that you still have plenty to learn, everyone who will teach you something; good or bad. Funding: As a private day care, there is limited to no funding available. So it is tough, as you will have to do everything within your ability to ensure success.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Remember why you wanted to do this. People who start up a business normally have a general goal of what they want to achieve; although goals alter over time and businesses grow and develop into something you could never have imagined. Focus should be primarily on why you are starting. In one year from now, compare your business, (and yourself), to who you are today.

Can you describe your experience of running a business in three words or less? 

Worth the effort.