How to Launch Your Brand on a Budget

Are you ready to launch your brand, but worried you don’t have the budget to do so? For small businesses today, this is a common question. Many wonder how they can gain a following and get more advertising done with just a shoestring budget. While it’s always better to have money in order to launch your brand, it is possible to launch it if you are tight on cash. Below are a few tips that can help on the road to gaining more customers and getting a recognizable brand without overspending.

Focus on Product Before Messaging

If you can’t afford to market your product extensively, focus on creating a perfect product that basically markets itself. Creating a product that provides real, unique value to your customers is much more important than coming up with a catchy slogan to sell it. A product that is top of the line will get users talking about it. More often than not, users spreading knowledge about your brand through word of mouth is the best advertising you could ask for. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Nielsen Report, 92 percent of consumers trust word of mouth more than any other form of advertising.

Killer Customer Service

Although it’s annoying when someone has a complaint about your brand, you can use this situation as an opportunity to show off your awesome customer service skills. Providing excellent and timely customer service doesn’t cost you a penny and when someone receives good customer service, they are much more likely to buy from that brand again. Plus, people love spreading the message about a brand who went above and beyond their expectations in terms of customer service.

Even online, addressing complaints and bad reviews can prove to other customers you’re on top of it and are responsible for the service provided.

Think Outside the Box

Getting your name out there doesn’t have to involve spending a ton of money. There are lots of creative ways you can advertise your brand on a budget.

For example, the Dollar Shave Club was able to get their name out there by creating a low-budget video ($4,500 to be exact). While the video wasn’t of the highest quality, it was so entertaining that it actually went viral. The video got 5 million views and 12,000 subscriptions in the first two days alone. This is proof that a sense of humor and a little creativity can go a long way.

Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Constantly updating your social media pages is another great way to help launch your brand on a budget. Make sure you are not only posting consistently, but also replying to all the comments users leave on your posts. This will help build trust for your brand.

Make sure your posts are of the highest quality. They should be entertaining and informative. A content marketing agency like Avalaunch can help you with good outreach marketing solutions for how and when to post them. Use your social media to offer your followers exclusive deals related to your brand they can’t get anywhere else.

If marketing your brand really isn’t your thing, then it’s not a bad idea to leave it to the experts. Hiring an experienced content marketing agency can save you from making any costly mistakes. Use your best judgement and be sure to cater to what your customers will read and connect with. Soon your brand will take off and you can watch your budget grow.