Farmers Urged To Submit Single Applications Online As Closing Date Looms

With just over one week remaining to submit single applications before the May 16 deadline, the Department of Agriculture is urging more farmers to join the 6,200 who have already submitted their Single Application via DARD’s online service.

The European Commission has said member states may extend the deadline by up to one month, but yesterday (Wednesday), Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill confirmed Monday May 16 will remain the deadline for the North.

“We are well advanced in terms of applications being received this year, with more submitted than at the same time last year. We anticipate this is around one third of the applications we will receive,” she said.

DARD have already committed to making advance payments in October 2016 if 70% of Single Applications are submitted online,

“If more farmers submit their application online then less resources will be required to carry out validation checks, which means that resources can be redirected to making more payments earlier to more farmers,” said a DARD spokesperson.

Currently more than 1,000 farm businesses have switched to the online application for 2016.

For those who choose the online option applications will be accepted up to midnight on May 16. Paper applications must be submitted within normal office hours.

DARD have highlighted the benefits of using the online process, including: A secure system available 24hrs a day; helpful tools and alerts to help avoid mistakes that otherwise could lead to penalties being applied; inclusion of your most up-to-date map – allowing you to make changes on your map or field data table.

In most cases, where changes are made on the electronic map, there will be no requirement to complete a LPIS Correction Form.

The online service will calculate your greening requirement for you and advise if this has been met based on your land information.

Online users will also receive an electronic receipt and summary of your claim and if you need to make further changes, then you can log back into the system and make those changes.

If you have an Ecological Focus Area (EFA) requirement you must complete your application online. EFA requirements may apply if you have more than 15 hectares of arable land and you don’t qualify for an exemption.

Don’t forget to complete all the questions for the scheme(s) you wish to claim and to check if you need to provide supporting evidence in person.


If you applied successfully for the Young Farmers’ payment in 2015 you don’t need to submit a YFP/RR Form and supporting evidence but you must ensure you select ‘yes’ to apply for your 2016 payment on your Single Application.

If you applied for the Young Farmers’ Payment and/or to the Regional Reserve in 2015 and were unsuccessful you may apply again in 2016 if you meet all of the scheme conditions. If you wish to apply, you must submit a YFP/RR Form along with your supporting evidence, in person, by 16 May to avoid late claim penalties.

You must also make sure you select ‘yes’ to apply for Young Farmers’ Payment and/or the Regional Reserve, either as a young farmer or a new entrant, on your Single Application.

Applicants are also advised to complete all the questions for the scheme(s) they wish to apply for and to check if they need to provide supporting evidence in person.

If you are already registered and have a Government Gateway ID you will be able to access your Single Application and Map on DARD Online Services now. If you require a Government Gateway ID please contact DARD Online Services helpdesk on: 028 9442 6699 or via email to:

Further information and guidance booklets are available on You can also get help to complete your application by calling 0300 200 7848 and asking to speak to a SAF advisor or you can email your query to: