Business Profile: Intermedia Ireland

Contact: Gareth Boyle / Aaron McGurgan
Company: Intermedia Ireland
Location: Omagh Business Centre, Great Northern Road, Omagh
E: /
Tel: 028 8225 0962

Business Profile: Intermedia Ireland


Can you describe your business?

InterMedia Ireland is a professional video production and live events streaming company who focus on creating engaging video content for client’s websites and social media platforms. Our strapline is: ‘Stand Out – Be Different – Be Seen’.

Why did you start your own business? 

With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, we felt there was a gap in the market to provide good quality video services at an affordable price. Working as part of a team we both bring different skillsets to InterMedia Ireland but ultimately love what we do as no day is the same. By working with new clients and building on those relationships we get a lot of job satisfaction from this.

What are the best things about running your own business?

We face new challenges and experience something new every day. It’s fun to build our brand, the clients brand and earn recognition for that. Managing a business is challenging but rewarding but the most important lesson is that the things that go wrong are more beneficial than the things that go right. They offer us many more opportunities to learn from and keep our job interesting.

We always think of our bottle as half full rather than half empty and you will rise above any challenge.

What are the main challenges facing the business?

Regardless of size, like most businesses, we face many of the same challenges every day such as maximizing profits, minimizing expenses and finding talented staff. Small companies in Northern Ireland face a myriad of problems on a day-to-day basis.

External problems are countless and include the state of the NI economy, the high cost of insurance, taxes, red tape, lack of bank lending, competition – the list goes on. InterMedia Ireland retains competitive advantage by being smart and nimble about the issues faced today.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Plan, plan and plan again. Think of what you want to do, why you want to do it, and with whom you want to work. You then need to prepare a business plan with contingencies for the unexpected, including a back-up source of revenue.

It’s important that this plan is implemented consistently. If you want to start a business, there’s nothing really holding you back. Take the leap, and lead the company you’ve always wanted. Make sure you have a vision of where you want to go mapped out so you can monitor how the business is progressing.

Contact your local enterprise centre as they have a wealth of knowledge and advice to get your business on the right path.

Can you describe your experience of running a business in three words or less?

Dedication; challenging; rewarding.