Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign

You need to view your email marketing as developing an ongoing relationship with your contacts. Like any relationship, it’s a two-way thing, you have to give your contacts something in order to get back what you’re looking for (be it sales, donations, referrals or loyalty).

Key planning pointers:

  • Have a defined goal for your email program, so you’ll know when you’ve achieved it.
  • Plan a series of communications – regular, expected contact works best, so let your customers know how often you’ll be contacting them and make sure you keep your promise.
  • Make sure each message has a real benefit for recipients – useful information, discount vouchers, special offers all work well.
  • Make sure your messages contain relevant, timely content that will make readers want to open your next mail.
  • If you have a number of different target audiences create different, targeted campaigns for each audience rather than one general campaign.

Written by Kilian Fisher FCIMSPA, MIOD, Dip.M, DMS Marketing Director, KF Innovative Business Ltd Ltd M/C. +353 89 4322125 | Tel: +447077 085352 (UK calls only)