Here Are 10 Creative Ways Your Business Can Use Instagram

Are you thinking about putting your business on Instagram?

Are you looking for content ideas for this popular social platform?

Read further to discover how you can use Instagram to give your business extra visibility and better engage with the Instagram community. Clearly, Instagram is an up-and-coming photo-focused social platform not to be ignored. So what can your brand do with it?

1. Show Your Products Create your window shop.

Everyone loves to browse products, so make it more convenient for shoppers! Share your new collection of product you offer, share a photo on your Instagram. Try to engage followers by asking them to guess what the best color is for summer season.Try to be service-oriented business?Share some photos of the equipment and supplies that play a role in the services you provide. For example, fitness trainers could show off their favorite workout equipment, photographers could reveal their most prized camera lens. Rogue Ales, a craft brewery based in Newport, Oregon with over 3,000 Instagram followers, shared a photo of its many varieties of ales, porters, lagers, stouts and spirits, effectively reminding fans that they have something for everyone.

2. Show the process of how your product is made.

It is the most popular question among customers when they are trying to buy a product. How It’s Made is a testament to our curiosity about where our manufactured goods come from. Let do shots at various points in the manufacturing process and share them with followers. If that process is a long one, you might consider making it a multi-part post that follows the process from planning to production to delivery.

3. Go Behind the Scenes.

There are moments that very few people get to experience in real life. Think of Instagram as a way to give all of your followers an exclusive backstage pass! Doing a photo shoot for a catalog or ad? Filming a commercial? Getting made-up for a media interview? Or getting ready to step out on the red carpet?

4. Show What Your Products Can Do Sometimes our imagination only takes us so far.

Use Instagram to create demand by helping consumers imagine new or novel uses for what you offer.This is also a perfect opportunity to invite user-generated content. Have fans submit their own photos demonstrating creative use of your products and pick the best ones to post on Instagram.If your business provides a service like makeup or hair design, landscaping, decorating, auto body repair or interior design, show your Instagram followers the impact of your work with a shot of your subject before and after you work your magic. The side-by-side comparison will add the wow factor to your Instagram content and maybe even get you a few new customers. Cosmetics retailer Sephora used Instagram to spotlight an unusual product that most of us do not have in our makeup bags, giving followers a better idea of how it might look out of the package and on someone’s lashes.

5. Make your followers feel special.

Make your Instagram followers feel special and give them exclusive previews of products and services, or virtual tours of your new stores, production facilities or offices in the making. Be sure you publish the post to Facebook and Twitter as well, since Instagram does not yet have a sharing or reposting function.

6. Show Your Office.

People who follow their favorite brands on social media have probably asked at one time or another, “I wonder what it’d be like to work there?” Well, show them! Post photos that provide a life story at your office—work areas, the corporate gym or play-field, decked-out cubicles, brainstorming meetings in progress, training sessions, employees at lunch, and employees at play. If you’re hiring, be sure to point people to your online job postings in the caption.

7. Take Us With You Going to a trade-show or sponsoring an event?

Use that as an opportunity to take your Instagram followers with you wherever you’re going.

8. Introduce Your Employees.

Employees will enjoy the recognition and Instagram followers will get a chance to see the people behind the brand. Be sure to punch up the post and share a little about each employee in the caption.

9. Share Celebrity Sightings Let’s face it.

We live in a society that is crazy about celebrities—we know who they’re dating, what they’re eating and where they go to vacation. These posts will be sure to get followers talking. Sony Electronics shared a photo from a celebrity appearance at an Xperia event to grab the attention of Maroon 5 fans on Instagram.

10. Share the Cuteness.

There is no denying the appeal of animals in social media. Whether they’re pets visiting the office never miss an opportunity to get a snapshot to share on Instagram. Our furry friends can be counted on to get likes and comments from followers.