5 Steps to Handle an Angry Customer

At some point as a customer service representative, you will encounter a customer who is, for one reason or another, on a warpath. Maybe their order was late or someone was rude to them last week. No matter the reason, they are angry, and they are now your problem.

When a customer is angry and lashes out, it is tempting to resort to arguing or being passive aggressive and rude. This will only further anger the customer, and can lead to lost sales and poor reviews. To avoid bleeding money and leaving a trail of unhappy clients, follow these 5 simple steps for dealing with an unhappy customer to assure that everyone leaves the conversation feeling happy and satisfied.

1. Listen to their problem

Odds are, they are frustrated because something is preventing them from receiving goods/services from your company. First things first, listen to the customer and re-assure them that you understand their issue and are acknowledging it. No customer wants to feel ignored or unimportant, so treat each customer like a priority and really hear them out.

2. Don’t get defensive

When a client starts screaming and arguing with you, you are likely to take it personally. Don’t. There is something else causing their anger, and you getting defensive and rude will only add to that. Refer to step 1, and try to get to the root of the problem.

3. Think happy thoughts

No matter what, try your best to keep the conversation headed in a positive direction. Think less arguing and more resolving. If the customer has to wait, constantly thank them for their patience and offer any other assistance. Showing the customer how much you appreciate their business may keep their anger at bay.

4. Do your part

Whatever your part may be, make sure that you are providing whatever your customer needs. Apologize for the inconvenience and do everything in your power to solve their problem. If you cannot solve it, find someone who can. Try to avoid transferring the customer through a million different departments as it makes them feel hopeless and even angrier.

5. Follow up

This is entirely dependent on how your company does business. Some may require you to report issues to a supervisor, some may ask that you follow up with the customer directly. Try to end things on a positive note so that a customer won’t associate your company with doing bad business. If you can offer them any deals, promotions, or special rates following an incident, don’t hesitate to do so. Anything that can bring them back to your company is a second chance for you to wow them with superior customer service and an attentive, reliable business process.

Angry customers are an unfortunate staple of any modern business. No matter what, someone somewhere isn’t going to be happy for whatever reason. If you can figure out that reason and calmly, professionally resolve it, then their anger is sure to subside. Remember to keep your cool, be attentive and thorough, be as polite as possible, and to try to end things on the most positive note possible. Don’t let one angry customer create a chain reaction of lost sales for your business, rather, win them over with your calm, apt services and prove to them that their business matters to you.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com