Is Technology Taking Over Your Life?

Technology has always caused change and helped mankind to progress. The steam engine, electric light bulb, telephone, television and, more recently, computers and the internet have all changed the world. Computers are getting smarter as machines today are able to carry out many of the jobs people did in the past.

In the future, computers and robotics will help us to plan ahead, drive our cars, carry out surgeries, develop bionic suits, create new jobs and improve our health.

Mobile computing is already changing the way we search for information and purchase goods and will develop further to influence our choices.
Computers will become familiar with our habits and, scarily, given the amount of information they hold about us will be able to predict our behaviour.

Computer-driven cars are already being tested as a way to save energy, reduce costs and minimise accidents through the safer and more efficient flow of traffic.

In a recent development between mobile computing and driverless cars, it is suggested we will be able to use smartphones to summon our cars from where they are parked to collect us.

In this context, the real benefits of smart machines are harnessed when they have the ability to communicate with each other ‘machine-to-machine’ to improve the quality of our lives.

Robotic surgery is already taking place in operating theatres around the world, as a way to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes with both surgeons and patients embracing its benefits.

Military research has always triggered advances in technology and the ‘ironman’ bionic suit in the form of a wearable exoskeleton is now being developed commercially and to help patients with rehabilitation, disability and mobility.

Technology will destroy jobs in many areas and create jobs in unlikely industries such as the use of non-military unmanned drones in civilian and commercial life and data collection and analysis.

Medicine is combining with technology as wafer-thin, flexible, light-weight, wearable computers are enmeshed in clothing to provide feedback on our health to prevent disease and prolong life.

SO, technology is playing a greater role in all areas of our life and the challenge is to make sure we, rather than it, remain in control.

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