The Spirit Of Enterprise: Spires Art

Twenty-five years ago enterprise and entrepreneurs weren’t much in the news and certainly not in fashion. Parents and teachers encouraged children to get steady secure jobs in the banks, insurance companies and public sector.

At that time, as Omagh Enterprise Company opened its doors, a local entrepreneur followed his own path and became the first person to start a business in the centre; the entrepreneur was Colm MacRory and the business Spires Art.

Twenty-five years later, enterprise and entrepreneurs are in fashion as parents and teachers, schools and universities, public and private sector, politicians and even Dragons promote the benefits of an enterprising mindset.

During this time, Spires Art has shown how such an enterprising approach can make a difference and lead the way in what has become a growing trend of starting your own business.

In recent years, politicians and educators and many others have come to believe that enterprise is needed in all areas of society to generate wealth and sustain communities.

Spires Art has demonstrated how much entrepreneurs are needed, as the company has provided jobs and contributed to the economy and the community during good times and bad.

The economy is changing as the world shifts to a new era of digital connectivity and the people best equipped to succeed are entrepreneurs, as they find opportunities and solutions where others see difficulties and problems.

The economy will continue to change traditional ways of doing things, as technology affects every part of our lives and companies like Spires Art will continue to create new ways of doing things, as they use technology to create new businesses and new opportunities.

In a world of constant change, people and organisations need the ability to develop ideas, products and services that create jobs and wealth and help build the future.

Entrepreneurs have these abilities and parents and teachers and government need to support them, not least as a way to replace the tradition of looking for steady secure jobs.

SO, the spirit of enterprise has never been more needed but thankfully there are entrepreneurs like Colm MacRory who have been practising it for the last twenty-five years.

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