The Rules Are There Are No Rules

In a world where companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are founded and run by leaders in their twenties and thirties, it is hard to think that the old rules of doing business still apply. 

Given the changes taking place in the world of business, it is easy to think the traditional rules are out of date and that the new rules are ‘there are no rules’.

This may or may not be the case for all businesses but in any event we can learn from observing new young business leaders and older more traditional leaders.

The starting point lies in the fact that in the current period of change there are no hard and fast rules for how to create or manage a successful business.

The idea of following a few simple tried and tested steps to achieve business success is history; and if such an approach worked in the past it will not do so now or in the future.

The only way to succeed in the current environment is to develop the ability to learn quickly and be flexible and resilient enough to apply the lessons (good and bad) to constantly improve the business to ensure its competitive position.

Given that it is impossible to keep up with all the changes that are taking place, you have to filter out what you don’t need and focus on what will make the greatest difference to the business.

In the absence of a set of traditional rules or road map you have to trust your instinct more than ever and, at times, take a leap of faith with what you believe is right.

Some of the old rules are still useful such as the need to build a strong network of people and contacts, as is, perhaps surprisingly, the traditional idea of leadership.

Leadership in this era, however, is not defined by simply telling people what to do and expecting them to do it but by providing an environment where people feel valued and are able to make their best contribution.

In times of such rapid change business doesn’t get any easier but it is helpful to understand that the old rules have not only changed but disappeared and disappeared forever.

SO, moving from the old rules to the new rules or in this case to ‘no rules’ is not easy but it can be mastered if we learn and learn quickly.

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