Everything Is Changing And So Must We

The pace of change in the new economy is creating uncertainty and will affect every person and business. Social media, technology and more recently the mobile phone are changing the way we live and businesses operate.

Established companies falter while others create incredible new products and markets: just look at the turn around in fortunes in recent years of companies such as Nokia and Apple.

A new level of uncertainty about the future has taken hold and key questions for traditional business models and peoples’ careers are being raised.

Businesses need to develop newer more flexible structures and people need to develop new strategies to remain competitive in a world of rapid and constant technological change.

The starting point lies in the need to realise and accept we are in a period of extraordinary transformation at the start of a new century that requires new thinking and new actions.

While some of the changes that are taking place are a little frightening there is no doubt that some people will thrive and be successful in the new environment.

Success will depend, however, on our ability to embrace change positively, get comfortable with ambiguity and learn to be more innovative in our approach to business.

The new world of work will demand a greater focus on the future and a sense of open-mindedness to ensure new and more creative ways of solving problems and meeting challenges.

We will have to get good at, and comfortable with, change and learn how to adapt, as companies constantly look for new products, new customers and new markets.

Businesses will have to regularly reinvent and continually change their business models to remain competitive and relevant to their customers.

Individuals will have to be more creative and flexible and less reliant on following the rules as a way to be successful.

SO, given the rate of change taking place in the economy our success will depend on our ability to embrace change and then change again.

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