Go for it like Cassbella!

As the effect of the global recession strike, starting a new business might seem the last thing on anyone’s mind, but apparently now is the time for young, enthusiastic and nimble businesses to set up and thrive.

Economists have commented that building a dynamic entrepreneurial culture is one of the key characteristics of a healthy economy, stating, “A society which encourages new business and recognises the importance of start-ups and small firms will be successful on the global stage.”

Sharing the mindset that recession can bring with it opportunities as well as threats, Cabrina Coll and Helena Donnelly recently took the brave steps of setting up Casabella, a health and beauty clinic in Omagh.

Historically economic slowdowns are followed by growth cycles, so the duo feel there was no better time than right now to get going and start pursuing your business dreams.

With years of experience in the beauty industry Cabrina and Helena took the option over a year ago to take those skills and apply them in setting up a business together.

Having no personal business experience, the prospect was daunting, but thankfully they were able to gain the necessary support and guidance that is available locally through the Omagh Enterprise Company to take their idea and vision and make it a reality.

In fact, when Cabrina and Helena signed up to take part in the Go For It course that provides the necessary advice and guidance to start a business, they were still undecided if this was the route they wanted to follow. They said, “Go For It was the starting point. Making the decision to start a business is a major step and requires planning and finance.

The business advisers on the course were excellent providing a wide range of advice about finance, tax, accounts, marketing and advertising.

As well as the seminar will meet you on a one-to-one confidential basis to help you prepare a business plan.


“Although daunting, the course gave us the confidence to say actually yes, we can do this. After the decision was made we received amazing assistance from Roseleen Molloy in putting together a business plan and putting the wheels in motion to taking an idea and a business concept into a viable possibility.

“They gave us the guidance and support we needed in the early stages but they are also available for advice now which is very comforting.”

Their participation in the Go For It course in Omagh Enterprise Company was over a year ago and came across some unforeseen obstacles along the way, before finally opening their boutique premises on the Old Mountfield Road in Omagh last month.

“There were a lot of days that we thought this wouldn’t happen, but whatever obstacles or hurdles we faced, there was always someone with the knowledge and expertise to give us the advice needed to overcome it,” said the Casabella duo.

“Dermot Devlin was also a great help in setting us up a Facebook page and advising how best to use this medium as a marketing tool to promote the business and generate the maximum interest.”

They commented how, although, the prevailing economic conditions are challenging – with unemployment increasing steadily across the region – they feel with challenge comes opportunity and that self-employment is a great opportunity for people to use their skills and experience to set up their own business and work for themselves.

“The economic situation was never really a deterrent. Obviously we knew setting up in a recession would be a challenge, but we were prepared for that.

“There are also huge opportunities available at times like this. They say if you can make a business work in a recession, you can make it continue to thrive and be profitable when times become better again.

“Thankfully, we have had a very positive start and had such amazing feedback since opening and we are now looking forward to what the future has in store in 2012 and the many years ahead.”

Casabella is located on the Old Mountfield Road in Omagh or for more information, look them up on Facebook.

For more information on starting a business, visit www.omaghenterprise.co.uk or contact Omagh Enterprise Centre on 028 8224 9494.

Source: ulsterherald.com