PwC to host seminar aimed at helping new businessess expand in the future

Price Water House Coopers will be hosting a seminar on Friday 5th October aimed at helping new businesses expand in the future. The event, which will take place in their Belfast office will commence at 2pm and cover areas such as Strategic Planning, Good Financial Management and People Matters.   

Details of the event and speakers can be seen below: 

Focus Area: Strategic Planning

Speaker: Sean Hughes

BITC Theme: Establishing direction – strategic business development, business diversification, risk analysis. Business Planning – what is a business plan, why is it important, what should it include, how often should it be updated.

Focus Area: Good Financial Management

Speaker: John Hannaway/John Mills

BITC Theme: Planning and budgeting – project planning, financial management. Good governance – exploring key principles on how an effective board is essential to provide good governance and leadership.

Focus Area: People Matters

Speaker: Martin Groom/ Danny Long

BITC Theme: Communication – staff, clients and key stakeholders

Organising and staffing – restructuring, managing staff, building an effective team

Flexibility of approach – management styles, communication styles, accessing
markets, adapting your approaches

Motivation and inspiration – empowering and motivating staff, developing an
open culture

For further information on the event please contact Rodney Hamill on 028 82 246100 or via email at